Mercedes Benz Aluminum Certified Collision Center

If you are the proud owner of a Mercedes Benz aluminum-bodied car that has unfortunately been in an accident, Robbie’s Auto Body in East Dover, New Jersey is here to save the day! We are an Aluminum Certified Mercedes Benz Collision Center that has the technique, equipment and training to work on your vehicle properly. Repairing aluminum is a distinctly different process than steel body repair and requires elite precision. Our technicians have demonstrated their high-level of skill and understanding of the complex Mercedes Benz aluminum design to be granted this top certification. Shops that are not trained properly or use improper equipment could potentially alter the safety, durability and reliability of your vehicle should it experience another collision.


Why is it so important that you use Mercedes Benz Aluminum Certified Collision Center at Robbie’s Auto Body?

  • We are qualified by Mercedes Benz in aluminum welding and body repair
  • We are inspected annually by the manufacturer to ensure repair techniques are followed
  • As a certified center, we receive updated repair protocols from Mercedes Benz with advancements in technology and engineering
  • We are backed by the lifetime limited warranty of the manufacturer
  • We recommend the use of Genuine Mercedes Benz parts in our repairs, upholding your warranty, safety and reliability of your vehicle.


For more information, click this link to view the Mercedes Benz Collision Certification Website


Call Robbie’s Auto Body at 973-366-1617 or click on our appointment tab to schedule your Mercedes Benz collision repair appointment!